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A2 A1 Milk, Importance of Indian breeds of Cows

According to modern science original Men and Cows were born on Afroasian Land called Jambu dweepe bharatkhande. These cows-the Indian breeds of cows are called Bos Indicus.

About 8/10000 Years ago, when these cows migrated to colder climates of Europe, DNA underwent mutation. Amino acid at 67TH position was Proline that got replaced with Histidine.

Milk of ancient breeds of cows is called A2 milk. Milk of European cows with mutated DNA is designated A1 milk. During digestion proteins in milk are broken down in to peptides. Most of these peptides are converted in to amino acids to be absorbed by the blood stream. But all peptides do not get broken down in to amino acids to get absorbed. Some are excreted in our stools and some manage to get through the leaks in gut wall in to the blood stream while still in peptide form.

A1 milk releases in human body the peptide called BCM7 (Betacasomorphine). This is an opium family substance, and has been associated with a very large number of diseases.

One liter A1 Milk contains24-32gms of casein of which 9 to12 grams is BCM7(about two tea spoons).

In Infants

Blood Brain Barrier is formed in human body after 3 to 4 years age. BCM7 in infant milk is associated with Autism, Diabetes type 1 and Sudden death Syndrome in infants.

In Adults

BCM7 has been implicated in very high incidence of CAD, (Heart related diseases) Diabetes, Ulcerative colitis, Multiple sclerosis, Mental disorders Parkinson & Schizophrenia.

Consumption of A1 Milk correlation with deaths due to Heart troubles and Diabetes are shown in the graphs here.

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All Govts NZ, EC are buying time, in the mean while the Dairy Industries/ Farmers are quietly embarking upon strategies to change their breeding policies to make complete switch over to A2 milk in next ten years.

Situation in India

Govt of India has taken cognizance of A1/A2 . NABGRI Karnal has been asked to make a study of cattle situation in India. Preliminary studies have confirmed the hypothesis that Indian Breeds of Cows produce safe A2 type milk.

Researchers in AIIMS Delhi are already involved in health aspects of A1/A2 milk. Research is already going on for fast DNA detection tools to identify A1/A2 milk producing cows in India.

Future Work will be Promotion of Indian Breeds of Cows, which are confirmed as A2 milk producers and rethinking of Indian Cross Breeding Strategies.