— Dear all,
In our country Beejamrit and Jeewaamrit have been very widely used applications of gomutra and gomaya in agriculture.But so far very little information is available about standardising the composition and manufacturing process of these preparations. No information of these preparation is known from ancient Sanskrit texts. This also results in nonuniform success of these preparations in the field by farmers.  In USA  water preparations made from vermicompost , farm soil and such ingredients are called Compost Tea. Lot of research and standardisation scientific testing of Compost Tea is being carried out  for Organic Farming. In these preparations also various methods are used to ‘activate’ water. Such water in Vedic trms is called जलाष.
In one Atharv Ved mantr an indication of Biodynamic cow horn preparation is seen. However in western countries  since 1926 public disclosures by Rudolph Steiner a great amount of work is being done to popularise  Biodynamic preparations that use Cow dung and various other items filled in cow horns and buried under ground for 6 months  in  दक्षिणायन  & उत्तरायण periods. These preparations are also being promoted by US Govt. Agriculture services . In making these bio dynamic preparations  mechanical stirring and activation of water suggests application of water termed जलाष in Vedas. In my assessment  Ganga Jal is naturally available जलाष .
I wonder if our friends will like to share their views on these subject for development of organic cow based agriculture. 
Subodh Kumar,