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 Country has been celebrating and our press is heaping praise on the achievements of a man credited with creating? white revolution.
Do they know the reality that rural India produced and still produces all the milk that constitutes white revolution  – by the ‘people’ farmers the people of India for the ‘citizens’ the people living in cities. The basis of statistics of milk  production in India is at best GIGO. (garbage in garbage out) . 
Kurien diverted free gift  milk powder sent by GOPIO ( European Indians) for providing nourishment to poor masses, and made it in AMUL Baby food. This milk powder known to be was known to be  unsuitable for baby food, and caused immense irreversible health damage to a generation of urban infants of India.This  was objected to by European donors of free SMDP who stopped further free supply of free gift milk powder in to India.
Instead of helping the rural people to improve the health and productivity of their cows and prevent encroachments of pasture lands.Govt proceeded on questionable veterinary policies.  This also opened the flood gates for import of milk powder for helping the ailing world dairy industry .

Kurien succeeded in diverting  Indian rural milk from mouth of  children to earn profits for his company  and divert it to Urban population.  A good Dairy Farming set up should have been introduced in India. Instead of creating a Milk processing industry and robbing rural poor of their only source of free nutrition by cow milk. and organically home grown food
What is great about Kurien’s contribution to making rural India and entire country suffer malnutrition and make commercial success of Amul , only future analysts will tell. We are too close to the present misplaced euphoria of his white revolution to see the reality.


Subodh Kumar,
C-61 Ramprasth,

Maharshi Dayanand Gosamwardhan Kendra , Delhi-96

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